Beginners Group

Many of our members had never played a musical instrument before joining the jam. We particularly welcome beginners at our jam sessions.

On the alternate weeks when the main jam doesn't meet, we often hold a group for beginners and improvers. We take things more slowly at these sessions. If you would like to come along to join in, just to listen or sing or just to get an idea of what the group is like, you are very welcome. You can find details of our meetings on the Calendar


Although the Beginners and Improvers evenings are aimed at adults, you may bring your children with you, provided they remain under your supervision throughout the evening. They may not be left unattended. Leaders of the group cannot take responsibility for children.

Children over 12 can come to the jams at the Talking Heads pub provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Info for Beginners

In the meantime, here some documents to print off, which we hope you'll find useful.

Learn from Will Grove-White of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Will Grove-White's website has 3 lessons for getting started. Don't be put off by the simplicity of the website. The content is brilliant for new beginners:

(If you don't know the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain do look out for one of their shows. They spend a lot of their time touring overseas but they do play locally too. UOGB Website)

Step-by-step lessons from Pineapple Pete's Uke School

The lessons from Pineapple Pete's Uke School start very simply but take you on to quite advanced techniques too. There are animations with sound which you can strum along with, ideal if you are struggling with strumming your first chords. An excellent way to start learning to play.

Learn by Video

If you wanted to get a head start before coming along to one of our evenings, there are so many videos for all abilities, from complete beginners to more advanced players out there on the web. 

This one is very straightforward and quite amusing:

The Ukulele Teacher

Bill suggested this collection:
or you might like this German chap - learn to play in less than 10 minutes!
Or, if you are ready for some slightly more challenging chords and a new strum pattern, you could learn this Hawaiian song called 'White Sandy Beach' from Jody Kamisato of 'Ukulele Essence. He's just so laid back it's a pleasure to watch!
Lesson 1:
Lesson 2:

However you decide to get started, we wish you fun with your ukulele - happy strumming!